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Domdomsoft Manga Downloader 4.8 Full Serial Number [Mediafire]

Domdomsoft Manga Downloader 4.8 Full Serial Number [Mediafire]

Domdomsoft Manga Downloader 4.8 Full Serial Number - Mediafire
Software Information :
Title : Domdomsoft Manga Downloader 4.8 Full Serial
Date Released : 2012
Version : 4.8
Category : Manga Downloader
Publisher: Domdomsoft
Format : RAR
Size : 4.21 MB
Download :
Password  MF  :
Password  RAR: zeulb
Domdomsoft 4.8 Full Serial Number merupakan download manager yang dapat memudahkan kita untuk mendownload komik manga yang kita inginkan tanpa mengunjungi situs manga untuk membacanya. Software ini bisa mendownload komik manga langsung ke PC kita.
System Requirements :
    • OS:Windows XP/Vista/7 (32 dan 64 bit)
    • .Net Framework Minimal 2.0
    • Internet Connection
    Domdomsoft 4.8 Full Serial Number
    Screenshot di PC saya
    Silahkan gunakan launcher yang terdapat pada file rar untuk membuka program. Tidak memerlukan lagi hosts code

                  Domdomsoft Manga Downloader 4.8 Full Serial Number [Mediafire]

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                  21 April 2012 22.13

                  bang kenapa pas saya update mangalist kok unable connect to the server?

                  makasih bang

                  21 April 2012 22.34

                  Klo udah copy hosts code ga bisa ngupdate manga lagi..jadi itu dalam tutorial saya rekomendasi untuk update manga dulu

                  23 April 2012 18.50

                  hi :) thanks in advance ^_^

                  i'm interested in the update mangas lists process, and i'm italian so is hard to understand >.<"

                  any help is appreciated :D

                  23 April 2012 21.52

                  Thanks to visited our blog

                  23 April 2012 22.20

                  gan tadi ane liat spesifikasinya , beratnya 16 mb.. tp kok setelah ane donlot cuma 4,2 mb? mohon pencerahannya

                  24 April 2012 00.36

                  i have an update: the code in host file is not so usefull, cause the software itself try to check license server, and being unable to do so it close automatically -_-"

                  I tried to get the trial on a machine, not working, uninstalled and tried again...Of course i cannot get the trial 30 day on the same machine another time, and i ask u why...i need some registry modify or some files need manual delete???

                  Trying from another computer and getting the TRIAL by pressing the button trial instead of unlock, i got 30 day of full and im able to update the lists files of all sites.
                  By this way is all ok...

                  And those files can be put inside any release of domdomsoft...update for life indeed :). I will try with Run as date to see if my 30 day premium trial could work forever...

                  If u are interested to continue talking about this write me to :D

                  I hope u will :D, this is the only site i found to manage domdomsoft and the 4.8 version ^_^

                  24 April 2012 20.27

                  Ane salah tulis gan..mohon maklum

                  24 April 2012 20.29

                  Please download for new link because i have updated it
                  For use the domdomsoft, execute launcher and this update no longer required hosts code

                  26 April 2012 00.06

                  O_O wow, it's seems working ^^♥♥♥

                  no problem without hosts code, updating mangas lists of all type :D

                  THANK YOU!!!!!

                  I will try the run as date on the other machine anyway :D♥

                  I suggest to backup all lists u.u, all english is the minimum, and u can host them in a rar file for others^^

                  Much thanks!!!!

                  26 April 2012 21.38

                  Thanks for visited our blog

                  7 Mei 2012 12.38

                  tutorialnya dong gan..

                  7 Mei 2012 19.46

                  Tutorial apa tuh?
                  Kan tinggal jalankan launcher nya

                  10 Mei 2012 00.12

                  hi mate :D u remember me?^^

                  i was writing to say that version 4.8.1 is out >.<

                  AND to say that some times...very poor times, also with the launcher appear "cannot check license server" >.<"

                  I hope to be of some help >.<

                  10 Mei 2012 20.57

                  to version 4.8.1 hopefully I can share it because I have not been able to launcher
                  maybe use hosts code again ^_^

                  25 Juni 2012 11.23

                  kok pass .rar nya tidak bekerja??
                  apa sudah di ganti??

                  26 Juni 2012 21.42

                  password nya masih bisa kok

                  23 November 2014 18.22

                  bang, filenya sudah diremove ya?

                  23 November 2014 21.12

                  download yang versi terbaru:

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